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Pumpkin Seed Oil – P.G.I – 100 ml (One Glass Bottle)


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Styrian Gold Pumpkin seed oil – PGI. 100 ml (single bottle)
Delightfully Delicious, Naturally Nutritious!

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Features: – Award winning, unrefined, 100% pure & natural from shell-less pumpkin seeds, organically grown (ie: without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, artificial/chemical fertilizers) in the south Styrian region of Austria, unique, aromatic, nutty flavor.   – CLICK HERE for more info on the Award of Excellence!

– This pumpkin oil is a Controlled/Regulated product through the European Union’s PGI ”Protected Geographical Indication” Guaranteeing three things to the customer:

  1. Use of seed grown on registered farms in Styrian region of Austria.
  2. Pressed in registered oil pressing company in Styrian region of Austria.
  3. From the first pressing using traditional methods, no additional filtering.   – CLICK HERE for more details about the P.G.I.

    Contains: – Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E & K
    – Minerals: manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, iron, selenium, calcium, iodine, choline
    – Nutrients / Antioxidants: phytosterols, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, tryptophan amino acid.

    Double blind research studies show:
    – curative effect on enlarged prostate – CLICK HERE for studies.

    Regular Users: -report the following benefits: – CLICK HERE for more detail
    – fighting infections, fighting parasites, fighting inflammation,
    – regulating heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, hormone balancing,
    – less bathroom visits during sleep, – relief of menstruation difficulties, – smoother, healthier skin.

    How to use:

    THERAPEUTIC USE: recommended take one to two tablespoons per day before bed.
    CULINARY ENJOYMENT: can drizzled as a finishing oil by itself or with your favorite vinegar over any salad, pasta, fish, rice, eggs, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cream soups, bread dips, potato salads, avocado dishes, cheese dishes, desserts and many more great excuses to…….get it in ya!!! CLICK HERE for recipes

    NOT FOR COOKING OR FRYING (burn point is 120 deg. C)

    Storage: Keep sealed and in a dark place – one year shelf life from opening.

    Don’t forget to read the Do’s and Dont’s – CLICK HERE regarding the use of Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil.

    Also CLICK HERE for some customer testimonials about the Styrian Gold pumpkin seed oil.

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2 reviews for Pumpkin Seed Oil – P.G.I – 100 ml (One Glass Bottle)

  1. Rebeca from New York

    Nice, cute bottle size, convenient for traveling or gifting! I bought2 big ones for my husband and I and 4 of these small ones to to give one to each one of my cousins as they have never tried this oil. I’m sure they will love it and want to get more!!!

  2. Samuel

    I got these for my good friend who was soo impressed with the smell. She’ll be buying more. Great health info on your website! Thanks.

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