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North American Pumpkin seeds   vs   Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

The main difference, is that the North American pumpkin seeds have a thick, white shell (husk) that once removed you are left with a smaller light green seed (also known as pepitas) VS the Styrian pumpkin seeds that grow without a shell and are larger and dark green.

North American Pumpkins

Styrian Pumpkins

North American Pumpkin seeds (Cucurbita pepo)

(Remove the shell….you have pepitas…..healthy fats dry up (oxidize) and go rancid…..reduced nutrition)
Oil from these seeds is unstable and must be refrigerated, is light yellow colour, slightly bitter taste.

Styrian Pumpkin Seeds (Cucurbita pepo var.styriaca)

(No shell….still alive…..healthy fats intact….can be sprouted!)
Oil from these seeds is stable and does not need refrigeration, is dark green with red undertones.

Harvesting Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

– harvesting once per year in the late summer


– about a 3 week harvesting window


– harvesting 24 hour/day, 7 days a week


– many farms line up the pumpkins for the machine


– new, bigger machines don’t need the pumpkins lined up!


– harvesting machines keep the seeds only


– pumpkin flesh is shredded and dropped on the field


– pumpkin flesh is fertilizer for next crop. 

Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

Features of Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

– 100 % natural, 100 % raw
– always fresh (less then 24 months from harvest)
– just washed with water and dried with air
– certified Non-GMO
– grown organically
– free from pesticide residue
– free from heavy metals
– nutritionally a SUPERFOOD
– a perfect crunch when eating
– still alive (all nutrition is intact, will sprout)
– nutty taste

These seeds will sprout... ...if you let them !!!

Nutrition Facts of Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

– high in naturally occurring vitamins 
– high in naturally occurring minerals
– high in phytonutrients
 – pure plant based protein
– easily digested and assimilated by the body
– gluten free
– allergen free
– cholesterol free

Storage of Styrian Pumpkin Seeds:

These seeds are best stored in a sealed container, away from moisture and in a cool, dark place.
Refrigeration is not required and freezing is not recommended as the healthy nutrients will be damaged.


Eating These Healthy Seeds: to soak or not to soak!

That’s a good question. Here is our answer. Some “experts” claim that all seeds must be soaked in water before eating to neutralize the phytic acid. Other “experts” say that phytic acid is not a problem. If you have a digestive issue then soak the seeds a few hours or overnight before eating. If you have never had digestive issues then don’t worry about it. If you are not sure, then try a few seeds either way and see how your body reacts. We usually toss a handful in a salad or just eat them right out of the bag. Just be sure to chew them well as that will prepare them for proper digestion and assimilation.


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