Do's & Don'ts
Styrian Pumpkin Oil

Be careful with this delicate Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil

In order not to destroy the valuable nutrients and health benefits found in Styrian Gold pumpkin oil, these simple guides lines should be followed:

Do not over-heat the Styrian Gold!

When Styrian pumpkin seed oil is heated too much, the valuable nutrients are destroyed and the oil develops an unpleasant smell and bitter taste. The smoke point of the seed oil is an important consideration. When the oil begins to smoke, it is starting to burn. This Styrian Gold pumpkin seed oil reaches its smoke point at 120°C (248°F). Any food preparation which includes pumpkin seed oil should be kept under that temperature.

Styrian Gold pumpkin oil is not suitable for cooking or frying. This will also destroy the oil. However, it can be used for some baking and warm dishes as long as the heat is carefully controlled and doesn’t get too hot for too long.

Make sure that the Pumpkin Seed Oil does not go rancid!

Oxidation is what triggers the oil to go rancid. The polyunsaturated fats found in this Pumpkin Oil are easily oxidized by heat and light. As a result, Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil should be bottled in dark bottles with a sealed cap (so that no air can enter) and stored in a dark place. It is possible to store Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil for up to 24 months and even longer, but the shorter the storage time is, the fresher and nuttier the oil will taste. Keeping the bottles capped, and in a dark place when not in use will ensure it’s longevity.

If you are not sure about it….just smell the oil, if it smells good… it!

It is also a good idea to wipe the drops of oil away from the bottle’s neck after pouring, these drops can oxidize very easily and lend their rancid flavour to the next dish where Styrian Gold Pumpkin Oil is needed.

Choice of Partner for Salad Dressing

This question is frequently asked: “Which vinegar should I use for salad dressing with Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil?” in general, all sorts of vinegar harmonize well with the unique nutty aroma and flavor of Styrian pumpkin oil. It is a matter of preference, but it pays to assess the quality of whatever vinegar you choose to use. Most popular is a good quality Apple cider vinegar or Balsamic vinegar.

Oops, a stain on clothing or table cloth!

This is a common situation: the last fork-full of salad dressed with Styrian Pumpkin Oil lands exactly on your white blouse or shirt or table cloth. What to do? Don’t panic. These are easily removed through exposure to ultraviolet radiation (sunlight). Simply make the area of the stain a little wet with water (no soap) and hang in the sun until the spot is gone, one to four hours. It may take a little longer if the sun is not shining that day. You can then wash the article as normal.

You can also use the laundry detergent Vanish Oxi Action instead. (a tip from a customer)

Storage & Refrigeration

Refrigeration for Styrian pumpkin seed oil is NOT necessary as the huge amount of naturally occurring vitamin E acts like a natural preservative making this oil very stable at room temperature…compared to oil pressed out of North American pumpkin seeds (pepitas) which must be refrigerated as it goes rancid very quickly. Remember, the seeds are quite different…Styrian pumpkin seeds grow without a shell whereas pepitas have a thick, white shell that is generally removed. CLICK HERE for some images of the difference between the two seed types.

Refrigeration will not hurt the Styrian oil but it should never be frozen as this will damage it. If you want to keep it in the fridge then we recommend to take it out for some time before use as the aroma is released better at room temperature.

For best storage it should always be capped and in a dark place.

best pumpkin seed oil in the world
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Only on salads?….. Nonsense! Check this out.

Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil is suitable for savory dishes, but also for sweets and desserts. Styrian Pumpkin Oil can be used in a wide range of dishes, including:

  • pumpkin seed oil over scrambled eggs
  • pumpkin oil spread with cream cheese
  • pumpkin oil in a guacamole dip or just with avocado
  • sour sliced beef salad
  • marinated fish….not as the marinate but as a finish just before serving
  • sheep cheese
  • pumpkin oil dumplings
  • pork medallions with pumpkin seed oil butter
  • pumpkin seed oil polenta
  • steak with pumpkin seed oil (but only drizzled on after the steak is done and plated)
  • salads
  • ice cream with pumpkin seed oil (vanilla seems to be the favorite )
  • pumpkin oil parfait
  • pumpkin oil cake
  • pumpkin seed oil over bananas and yogurt
  • and many more…try these recipes!